Chauvet Hurricane Bubble Haze :

  • Prices start from £20.00 per machine .

The Chauvet hurricane bubble haze is definitely the effect that you have been looking for . Booking a`16th , 18th , 20th , 30th , 40th birthday party . This effect is what will dazzle your guests with amazement . Smoke injected bubbles , pop them and see the smoke burst out like an explosion !


  • Prices start from £10.00 per machine

The ADJ fog Fury Jets , is what will set your event apart . From when the bass kicks in , just picture this huge quick disappearing  smoke effect. 


  • Prices at a 2 unit package : £40.00

The Showtec streamer cannon ,  is one of our favorite and  the most exciting effects we hold in our special effects line . This effect gives you the same effect that they use at mainline festivals and concerts . When the crowd goes crazy and the bass kicks in , the Showtec streamer cannons , shoots out long streams of confetti to land on guests at your event ! hands up in the air and smiles effect . This effect is designed to give your guests the wow factor .We use different fill cartridges  for different size applications . Either an 80cm cannon shot if the venue ceilings are higher than 6ft anything below we will use a cannon size at 50cm / 40CM . 


  • Prices do not apply , included in your booking  price .

At Beau’s DJ Services we pride ourselves in using the best lighting technology around .We don’t use off brand manufactures . All the companies we use for our lighting rig are all known industry used companies , so you don’t have to worry about nothing breaking down or going wrong . Laserworld is the company we use for our laser system .We call it a system as it consists of 3 lasers , one in the middle of the set up and two on the side . We use a high end computer system that syncs all the systems up to what we play when performing from the DJ`BOOTH , so nothing is ever out of sync . 


*Please note when booking any of these special effects . There may be an extra fee to pay . As our services don’t do packages . we may charge the client a fee on top . This is to pay for fluids & accessories that make the effect work .